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  1. June 18, 2010

    Why Be A Brand?

    Why do we tend to give nicknames, slogans & monikers to people, events & phenomena?

    Ideas & images are more readily remembered than words & statements. Like modern art, images may not follow a traditional form, but our intuition—which is what modern art accesses—gets it, even if the literal brain takes longer to do so.

    When people are given a way of describing a distinction or a point of difference, it becomes a Container in which all other information is placed.

    Containers help us anchor Content. Another word for Container is Brand.

    Branding gives us a way to first remember something & then the embodiment of why we should keep remembering it.

    This is why so much time, energy & money is spent on advertising.

    Advertising introduces branded images & helps place them on our radar. Keeping them there for a nice long time, reminding us that an idea is there & is still there, keeps us all employed.  There are & will be many with the same first name, but when we say “Don” we all know who and what we mean.  When your name & your brand merge, they become a measure or set a standard by which others are compared.  You & your image then belong to the culture, transcending personhood & becoming an icon.

    That’s not something you can plan.  It just happens.