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  1. September 5, 2011

    Impression Management

    Years ago, I went to the mat with talent when they told me they did cold calling when looking to build up their client base or when business was slow.

    “So, when you’re busy, they don’t hear from you but when you aren’t, they do?”

    “Right. Oh, I see what you’re saying. My calling says I’m not busy.”


    For the most part, that put an end to a glaring error in impression management.  If, for some reason, cold calling is still a part of your marketing strategy, please hire someone to do it for you. I’m even against calling producers with whom you’ve worked. It still says you aren’t behind the mike and who knows what they are dealing with when they pick up their phone.

    If you want to keep the personal touch a componant of your business, there are lots of college kids looking to make extra money. With a succinct script and plenty of rehearsal, they can come off as fresh and enthusiastic member of your team and  keep you off the front line of your own marketing.

    The image we want them to have of you is that you are either in session, in a meeting or in transit.

    Now, how do we reconcile that philosophy with the extremely seductive and addictive nature of social media?

    It’s the same principle. Too much is too much.

    The time you spend in chat rooms and/or creating materials for various sites and postings should be kept to an absolute minimum. Too many posts, too much information and being on too many venues says one thing and one thing only: You have the time to do it. That is not the statement you want to be making about your career. A cogent comment now and then is sufficient. If they want more of you, let them hire you.

    And, while we’re on the subject of marketing, sending out notices for the sake of reminding people to think of you  is in the same category.

    Time is all we have. If you are going to ask someone to spend a scrap of time paying attention to something you’ve sent them, make sure it contains some content that will help them put you on their radar. If you are launching a new site or have updates, great. New credits and their links are best. Everyone wants to work with players. Make sure you are showing up like one. And, be sure to pick and choose what you spotlight judiciously. Making a big deal out of every booking and showing up too often wears out your welcome.

    Rule of thumb:  Become a bit scarce and let them wonder if you’ll even have time to work with them!