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March 4, 2013

Name Recognition

The assistant director arrived on set one morning and said “Anyone want a dog? We found one in the shopping center last night, but he’s afraid of kids.”

“What is it?, I asked.
“A gray poodle”.

My mother fell in love with one that belonged to a friend and said that if ever we had another dog, that’s would be what she wanted.

I was going home for the holidays so he stayed with me and my three roommates in our one bedroom apartment for two nights, then on to Florida.
At first I called him “Leapshin” because he was very jumpy. He begrudgingly responded but we both knew that wasn’t his name.
Without tags however, how was I going to find out his name?

He told me.

I’m in the kitchen, drying the dishes and talking to my mother. I must have used the word “lucky” because the dog sat up and looked at me with wonder!

I looked at him. “Is your name Lucky?” I asked.

He bounded over to me, jumped into my arms and covered me with kisses!

From that point on, his whole demeanor changed.

He knew who he was and when everyone else also knew…he was at peace.