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  1. May 8, 2014

    Elephants in the Room

    Cannot tell you how often I’m working with someone and they spend precious time condemning “how it is.” The list is familiar but bears airing so the focus can get back where it belongs … on what you can do something about!

    So, here goes:

    “I liked it better when we auditioned at our agent’s office, at the client or a studio.”

    While much of that still exists, especially in the major markets, it’s not only a dying model but one that takes up so much time, it’s a wonder anyone still does it!

    “I do better when I’m directed”.

    Yes, but for most of the world, self-direction is all they know or have ever known.

    “You know what they do … they listen to a few reads from the top sources, pick one and never listen to the rest.”

    Really. So how come boutiques are still in business? Are they also taking in laundry?

    “Why don’t celebrities leave voiceover alone so us ”little guys“ can get a crack at some of that higher end work”.

    News flash: This is business … and a highly competitive one at that. True, its difficult to fight the inherent Marquee Value of a name, for which clients pay a premium, especially in animation but, the celebrity read has a feel to it that is unmistakable. Resenting is useless, but learning from them … well, there’s a thought.

    “Think I need to change agents/managers”.

    Are you getting opportunities? If so, what more can they be doing that is not happening? It’s no longer the norm that a rep pitches a single talent and “gets them a job,” so if that’s why you want to make a change, it’s probably not going to change when you get to the new office. It’s also very easy for someone to make promises and very hard to be the incumbent. Maybe there are some adjustments you can make, then see if there’s a difference in your results and if not, then perhaps it is time to move on, if you can. The rep world is very tight and the more talent that seek representation, the tougher it is to get a berth on a roster.

    Social Media

    It’s great but don’t spend too much time impressing your peers. Unless they can give you a job or recommend you for one, your time is best spent on all the elements of your career that always need tending: materials, marketing, research … and the all important read, for all the genres in which you work or want to work. That right there is a full time job!

    Note: What’s true for one may not be true for others. Often, when people don’t have a real answer for why something is or isn’t happening, they make one up and then act like it’s true. They post it, it goes viral and next thing you know, it’s law!

    The Biggest Elephant in the Room:

    This career – like so many now – can become one that might run its course long before you do. It’s a phenomenon that is a fact of life, from acting to dance, from to sports to the general workplace. But, in each and every area, there are those who have become timeless and carry on, often with even more success than before.

    I give you Betty White.

    What is it about her that is so enduring as well as endearing? She doesn’t take herself too seriously, doesn’t make the time in which she is currently living “wrong,” knows who she is, stays on top of her game, operates out of gratitude and is clearly having the time of her life!