“The Tonight Show” Consultant—NBC

“Dr. Phil” Consultant, Paramount Television
Peteski Productions

“The Doctors” Consultant—Paramount Television
Peteski Productions

“Food 911” with Tyler Florence, Consultant—FoodNet
Weller Grossman Productions

“Consuming Passion” with Todd English, Writer
Means Street Productions

“Berman & Berman” with Dr’s.
Laura & Jennifer Berman, Consultant—Weller Grossman/Discovery Productions

“The Mario Cuomo Show” Consultant—SW Networks

“The Howie Mandel Show” Consultant
Paramount Television

“MTV’S Greatest Videos” with
Martha Quinn, Consultant—MTV Networks

“The Gym” with Ben Sullivan, Consultant—Fit TV

“Tactical to Practical” & “M3” with
Hunter Ellis, Consultant—History

“Buddy” starring Renee Russo, Narration Director— Sony

BBC Two, Network Rebrand—BBC

Women’s Television Network, Network Rebrand

“Pulsebeat: The Movin’ Music Movie”

“Mickey’s Playhouse” Director—Disney

“Big Bug Man” starring Marlon Brando
Narration Director—Studio Free Studios

“Bright Shining Lie” starring Bill Paxton
Narration Director—HBO FILMS

“America’s National Parks”
Narration Director—IMAX/PBS

“Rugrats,” Refreshed
Klasky/Csupo Productions

“NASCAR Television”
Training various hosts—NASCAR TV

“Hard Shine” with Jimmy Shine
Host Training & Narration Director—TLC

“Embellish This” with Dena Fishbein
Host Training & Narration Director
Weller/Grossman Productions/DIY Network

“Sadie Says” with Marnie-Winston McCauley
Host Training—Discovery Health

“Ms. Adventure” with Rachel Renstra
Host Training—Animal Planet

“Motor Trend Television” with John Matthius
Host Training—MTT

“Back to the Bible” with Woodrow Kroll &
Tami Weissert, Network Launch—BTTB

“Conscious Parenting” Training various hosts
RightStart Communications

“Surprise Party” Host Training—Scripps Networks

“Twenty, the Countdown”
with Jon & Sherry Rivers—Host Training

Debbie Ford, Author “The Shadow”
Talkshow Guest Training

“Cannes Do!” Documentary—Narration Director

“Mirror, Mirror” Pilot with Karen Gerson
Writer—Means Street Productions

“Kitchen Kistch” Writer—Food Televsion

“Juggler of Notre Dame”
Writer—CBS Television Network

Works in Progress

“Voice Gods of Hollywood”
Supervising Producer—Megalomedia Productions

“Free Style”
Writer/Producer—Rowdy Productions

“Echoes of Creation” with Karen Hutton
Narration Director—Sacred Earth Pictures

“Brando’s Last Muse” for the stage, Marice Tobias Writer/Producer