In addition to identifying & shifting underlying issues & creative roadblocks, our work is dedicated to the demands of the on-going career, & the pressure & challenges of technology. Time & overwhelming competition bring much to bear on the performer. We arm you with the latest information on trends & techniques to masterfully compete in the ever-changing landscape.

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  • + Private Training

    Private sessions are conducted in person or via phone.
    Frequency & duration is at the client’s discretion.
    Payment is in advance, via check or Paypal.
    Due to the fluid nature of the work & schedules, we only book one day in advance.
    Contact us the day before you’d like to work & we will set a time.

  • + Seminars/Master Intensives

    The increasingly isolating nature of the work gives attendees an opportunity to not only hone, expand & enhance craft & skill, but to connect with colleagues from across the U.S., Canada & Overseas.

    Participants are established professionals & colleagues who also deal with the unique & contradictory aspects of life & work.

    These events engender a network of support that continues long after the weekend’s wrap and are a touchstone for connectivity & inspiration as much as they are a resource for real world knowledge, trends, delivery, marketing & technology.

  • + Audition Sessions

    Clients & alumni are welcome to call for 20-minute directed audition sessions.
    Three sessions are equal to a one-hour session & session fee.
    Payment in advance enables clients to bank time & call on the spur of the moment.

  • + Demo Production

    We produce dynamic, one-of-a-kind, showcases that present a performer’s signature and style in a range of material & settings that demonstrate versatility with the specificity of their persona.

    No two demos are alike; except for the quality, level of production & the result oriented guidance talent receives to develop a branded delivery & image to attain & retain an iconic status in the minds of the production community.

  • + The Other Side of the Glass

    From individuals to creative teams, we are a resource for career development, skill enhancement & consulting on projects.


Genres (Click to expand)

  • + Commercial

    For many, this is the foundational focus of the voiceover career.

    Here it is essential that the specificity of the signature be immediately identifiable & memorable.

    With more & more voices entering the field on a daily basis, it is imperative that the commercial delivery stands out & sends a specific message while at the same time reflecting the temper and tone of the times.

  • + Promo

    Especially for those coming out of radio & imaging, Promo is the next step in the career. Ironically, because the reads are so similar, and talent are often still doing one while try to achieve the other, the transition to promo can be more challenging than anticipated.

    The distinctions between Net/Cable & Affiliate are unique unto themselves & deceptively demanding in terms of stamina, craft & style.

    For those without a background in broadcasting, Promo is equally challenging in that the structure of the read is linear & demands a consistency almost contradictory to commercials & narration.

  • + Narration

    Thanks to Cable & Documentary, this genre has finally come into its own & is receiving the respect & attention it deserves. More than bread-and-butter work, narration offers the performer the chance to tell a complete story & make it their own.

    The demands of long-form narration are similar to those of the long-distance runner & should be approached in a similar fashion. Pacing, consistency, involvement as well as an engaging mystique, are the hallmarks of great narration.

  • + Animation

    Characters live within a performer’s wheelhouse or they don’t. We help the actor to develop, shape and enrich specific characters for auditions & sessions. We also direct animated projects.

  • + New Media

    New genres offer a chance to grow and expand craft and career.
    Whether it’s content for the Net, Gaming, CD-ROMs or Whatever’s Next, it behooves us all to understand & embrace what’s new, exciting & challenging so we can more effectively & creatively respond to the needs of those who create content & produce promotion for these new venues.



Private Sessions: Booked one day in advance only.
First Session: One-and-one-half hours: $350.
Subsequent Private Sessions: $225 per hour.


New Clients: $775.
Returning Clients: $650.

Voiceover Demo Production: $4,000 per demo. Includes: Materials, Studio (in LA), Engineering & Sound Design to Finished Master.

Company Consulting & Appearances: TBD